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Uplevel Your Biz Summit

Dang You Missed It!

The October 2019 Uplevel Your Biz Summit has officially ended, but you haven’t missed out just yet!



Be sure to upgrade to the VIP All-Access Pass, before it goes into the vault forever!

The VIP All-Access Pass is much more than just the replays!

  • Lifetime access to ALL the presentations to watch Netflix-style at your leisure. That means you can come back as often as you want for a refresher!
  • Access to a super special digital product bundle worth over $1,900

The VIP All-Access Pass Goes Away In








But what is actually in the bundle?

Courses + Memberships - Over $1,825 in products

Master Your Funnel Foundations
Alison Beierlein of Funnel Maven HQ - a $497 value

5x10 Onboarding Plan
In just 5 days, for 10 minutes a day, you will learn how to creative an onboarding plan to set your team on fire.
Teresa Kwon of Daringly Great Leadership - $297.00 value

Sales Page In Weekend Course
Create A Custom High Converting Sales Page Without Wasting All Your Time Wondering What To Say! Your sales page is a space you can connect with potential clients, share your offer and empower them to say yes... But only if done the right way!
Melinda Martin of Statement Media Co - $197.00 value

F*ck Your Elevator Pitch
Imagine, finally being able to easily answer the question "What do you do?" without wanting to dive under the table. This is a course that will change the way you talk about your business. Come out from under the table. There's a whole world of cool people who want to see you shine.
Helen Tremethick of The Communications Distillery - $149.00 value

Easy Peasy Email Marketing Lite
It's time to make waves with your email marketing! This 5-module course will give you all the basics behind email marketing so you can build relationships with your audience--and make those sales.
Abby Herman of Write Solutions - $147.00 value

Summit Success School
Want to launch a virtual summit but don’t know where to begin? We will take you step-by-step through #allthethings. Introducing Summit Success School - a self-paced 8 module course designed to help you take your summit from genius idea all the way to launch.
Jenny Suneson + Lindsey Aleson of Uplevel Your Biz - $147.00 value

Collaboration Bundle
This bundle teaches you how to learn how to collaborate and so much more including swipe files!
Vanessa Mullen of Bloom Boldly Collective - $99.00 value

#GSD with ClickUp
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed every single day in your business? Then Start Getting Shit Done and Being More Productive with #GSD with ClickUp!
Lindsey Aleson of Blog Me Lovely + Uplevel Your Biz - $97.00 value

Persuasive Content Masterclass
Yael Bendahan - $67.00 value

One Free Month to the Savvy Social School
Get the confidence you need to use social media as a tool to grow your business.The Savvy Social School is a results-focused monthly membership program that will help you get more attention, leads, and sales through social media.
Andrea Jones of OnlineDrea - $57.00 value

Affiliate Marketing Basics
This course includes actionable steps on how to get started with affiliate marketing, even if you don't have a large following or a blog. As a bonus, it includes an organizational spreadsheet for your affiliate links, affiliate post examples, my favorite affiliate programs and networks, and all of the information you need to get started today making money with affiliate marketing.
Jenna Green of Full of Grit and Grace - $47.00 value

Podcast Launch Toolkit
Ready to launch your podcast but have no idea where to start? The Podcast Launch Toolkit helps you take your brilliant idea and craft a seamless launch plan so that you can grow your impact and influence.
Jenny Suneson of Savvy Podcast Agency + Uplevel Your Biz - $47.00 value

Ebooks, Workbooks + More - Over $225 in products

The Profitable Facebook Group Workbook
Melissa Power of The Blooming Photographer - $97.00 value

Digital Product Launch Planner Spreadsheet
You plug in how much your product is going to cost, when you want to launch it and it calculates how much money you'll earn based on how many people are on your email list and what your conversion rate is. It comes with a PDF file that tells you what to do to improve your results - (ex: low conversion rate? Here's how you can improve that).
Eden Fried - $47.00 value

Content Explosion Accelerator Workbook
Are you ready to stand out and make an epic impact with your side hustle? You do NOT have to be an EXPERT. All you need is to know just a little more than someone else.
Kathryn Roberts of Quest for $47 - $47.00 value

Your Marketing Personality Full Report
A marketing personality type report that helps you unlock even more about your best marketing strategy based on your personality type!
Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities - $29.00 value

Blogging Ebook

Sunita Biddu - $10.00 value

The VIP All-Access Pass Goes Away In









You might have missed the summit, but be sure to check out our amazing speakers!

Abby Herman of Write Solutions
Easy-Peasy Email Marketing

Alison Beierlein of Funnel Maven HQ
Automate Your System to Generate a Consistent Source of Leads and Turn Them Into Repeat Clients

Andrea Jones of OnlineDrea
The Secret to Getting Paying Clients from LinkedIn

Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities
How to Not Feel Fake and Salesy When Marketing Your Business – A Guide to Your Personality Type

Carol Hampshire of Brand New You VIP
Creating Authentic Connections in a Digital Online World Through Branding So You Can Uplevel Your Business Growth Rapidly

Eden Fried
How to Turn Your Leads into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer

Erin Perkins
Accessibility in the Online Industry

Gillian Paterson of Gillian Sarah
Creating & Scaling a Passive Income Source

Helen Tremethick of The Communications Distillery
The Manifesto Masterclass

Jenna Green of Full of Grit and Grace
Affiliate Marketing Basics

Jodi Graham
Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Kathryn Roberts
My Step-By-Step Strategy For Infinite Content

Karen Grill of Second Act Moms
Create a Schedule that Fits Your Life

Laneic Lavalle of That Content Life
Writing Conversion Copy Without Fear Mongering Your Audience into Becoming Resentful Customers

Melinda Martin of Statement Media Co
5 Key Components of A High Converting Sales Page

Melissa Power of The Blooming Photographer
Unlock the Power of Facebook Groups – How to Increase Engagement Inside Your Group

Miranda Nahmias of Miranda Nahmias & Co.
How to Systemize Your Client Onboarding

Nicole Oden of Nicole Cheri Oden
Written Contracts and Policies for Your Online Business

Sunita Biddu
From Followers to Customers – How to Build a Powerful Brand That Sells on Social Media

Tara Wagner of XO, Tara Wagner
Imposter Syndrome: Why You Feel Like a Fraud and What To Do About It

Teresa Kwon of Daringly Great Leadership
How Reimagining Your New Hire Onboarding Can Set Them On Fire for Your Business

Una Viggiani of Bella Retreats
How to Incorporate International Retreats into Your Business Model to Increase Income, Travel, Have A Bigger Impact and Provide A Transformational Experience for Your Clients

Vanessa Ryan of Bloom Boldly Collective
How the Right Community Can Grow Your Business

Yael Bendahan
Climbing The Ladder – How Your Value Ladder Can Help You Make More Money and Reach More People

Jenny Suneson + Lindsey Aleson of Uplevel Your Biz
5 Days to a Summit Game Plan